PDWC 2020


PDWC 2020 High School Parliamentary Debate World Conference and Competition


Connecting to the future


12 schools from Japan + 12 schools from around the world

The Parliamentary Debate World Conference & Competition assembles young leaders from Japan and across the globe to discuss the most relevant social, political, ethical, and environmental issues of our era through the medium of parliamentary debate.

Thoroughly selected based on their applications, the 24 English proficient high school teams (composed by 3 students and 1 accompanying teacher) compete, enjoy cultural exchange, and venture together into Japan, forming lifelong friendships that will strengthen the ties among our nations. 


Want to participate in PDWC 2020?


Participating schools for PDWC 2020

The applications are still open for international schools, so we will update the list when we have all of the participating schools confirmed.

Fukushima Prefectural Aizu Gakuho High School Fukushima
Fukushima Prefectural Yumoto High School Fukushima
Saitama Municipal Urawa High School Saitama
Sakaehigashi Junior/Senior High School Saitama
Toshimagaoka Joshigakuen Junior & Senior High School Tokyo
Shibuya Junior & Senior High School Tokyo
Seiko Gakuin Junior & Senior High School Kanagawa
Todaiji Gakuen Junior and Senior High School Nara
Kori Nevers Gakuin Junior High School / Senior High School Osaka
Kyoto Municipal Hiyoshigaoka High School Kyoto
Kobe University Secondary School Hyogo
Okayama Gakugeikan High School Okayama
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Thursday, February 13 to Thursday, February 20.

  1. Debate Conference and Competition: Friday, February 14 to Sunday, February 16

  2. Excursion: Monday, February 17 to Wednesday, February 19



Debate Event Venue
February 13–17 and 19–20
Hotel Heritage
228 Oegawa Kumagaya-shi Saitama-ken 360-0103
Tel: (81) 48-536-1212

Ski Venue February
February 17-19
Hotel Angel Grandia
4707-1 Tsuchidaru Yuzawa-machi Minami Uonuma-gun Niigata-ken 949-6103
Tel: (81) 48-536-1212



Feb 13 Participant Check-in
Feb 14 AM Orientation
Debate training
13:30 Opening ceremony
Mixed debate
Eve Welcome dinner
Feb 15 AM Debate rounds
PM Debate rounds
Feb 16 AM Debate rounds
PM Final debate
15:00 Closing ceremony
Feb 17 AM Kawagoe Koedo Sightseeing
Eve Arrive Hotel Angel Grandia
Feb 18 Skiing / Snowshoe Walking
Feb 19 AM Leave Angel Grandia Hotel
Bullet Train to Tokyo
Sightseeing in Tokyo
Eve Arrive Hotel Heritage
Final Dinner Party
Feb 20 AM Return home

*Schedule may change


Keynote Speakers

Kensaku Yoshida

Distinguished Professor, Sophia University & Director, Sophia University Center for Language Education and Research, former Dean, Sophia University Faculty of Foreign Studies, former Director, Sophia Linguistics Institute for International Communication, etc.

Chair, Planning Committee to Implement 4 Skills Tests (National Center for University Entrance Examinations), member, Steering Committee of Trustees (National Center for University Entrance Examinations), member, Liaison Committee to Promote 4 Skills Tests and Credentials for Admission and Selection Purposes (Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture, Science and and Technology—MEXT)), former Chair, Committee of Specialists on Revision of English Education (MEXT), former Chair, Committee to Discuss Ways to Improve the Foreign Language Ability of the Japanese (MEXT), member of the Foreign Language Sub-committee of the Central Education Council (MEXT), former Chair, Strategic Committee to Discuss English Language Education (Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education), President of the Airline Pilots’ English Proficiency Assessment Committee (Ministry of Land and Transportation)

Former Trustee of The International Research Foundation for English Language Education (TIRF), former member, Asia TEFL Executive Committee, President of J-Shine, etc.

Recipient of the Transportation Culture Award (Ministry of Land and Transportation), Recipient of the Best of JALT Award, etc.

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Why do we have Debates?

By bringing young people together to discuss critical social issues through the medium of parliamentary debate, the primary purpose of PDWC is to prepare the next generation of world leaders to develop a global mindset, developing communication skills such as logical reasoning, listening, and compassion. Moreover, our aim is for them to have the opportunity to immediately apply these skills with other young people from different cultures, fostering the connections that will become lifelong global friendships. Beyond this, our youth ambassador program provides further opportunity for participants to return in later years and strengthen their leadership abilities as members of the organizing team.


Why do we have an Excursion?

The excursion portion of PDWC serves the purpose of deepening participants' cultural understanding while simultaneously strengthening the bonds of friendship formed during the debates. Exploring Japan together with the other participants from around the world provides precious time to deepen these connections, allowing them the opportunity to exercise their communication skills and immediately begin to lay the groundwork for creating a bright, peaceful future for all.


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